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Retailers and brands need to coordinate their online to in-store efforts all that much more as we approach the holiday season. If retailers aren’t offering consumers useful information in the ways consumers are using digital, retailers will miss out on informing consumers during their research process, fail to get them into stores, and ultimately lose the purchase to a competitor.


Einstein didn’t need a sales force to go out and “find customers” for his groundbreaking insights about the structure of matter, time and space. He published scientific papers at the age of 26 that brought instant acclaim in academia and eventually, accolades from every strata of society. He had a mind that understood the structure of the universe and could also explain these weighty concepts not only to his peers but to the average person as well.


AI and machine learning are all the rage, but the key is how they’re used. You can’t just throw AI at a problem. For some of the most difficult and nuanced challenges, AI needs to be taught – by humans.


Stealth is for the Air Force – not startups. We’re building things we want on the radar.

Data Privacy

A social platform? A news platform? A brand safe platform? Can Facebook really be all of these things? And most importantly, do all of these things well?

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We're a software company and a consulting firm wrapped into one.
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We have a different approach to problem solving and use our proprietary technology to understand many inputs that are often overlooked due to the massive amount of data available.


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