We combine our experience launching successful tech companies with our technology to rapidly understand customers' needs and innovate and drive agile product development.

Disjointed Product Roadmap

Losing touch of the customer market can cause your product roadmap to miss the mark. We help by clearly identifying market opportunities and an effective plan on how to make it happen.

Big Data, Little Insights

Cloud applications and IOT are driving tremendous data growth for tech companies. We help identify “needle in a haystack” valuable data to make big data useful for you and your customers.

Lagging Customer Acquisition

Built a great product but not seeing sales? We craft go-to-market strategies to connect with your customers so they understand your full value. We use our data platform to test, learn and recommend the optimal approach.


Innovate and Launch Products

Conceiving of a new product and mapping out the right development approach is most successful when it’s based on marketplace facts and consumer insights. Our experience in product strategy combined with our in-depth data platform gives you the qualitative and quantitative view needed to launch the next big product.

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Identify Valuable Data

Big data is the latest trend but finding and capturing the right data is much more elusive. Most data has a shelf-life and working with a partner that understands this is key versus one that just wants to sell you more technology. We’ve built a cognitive and data science platform that identifies data value so you can make timely, informed business decisions.

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Magnify and Connect with Customers

You likely have target customers well-defined. We help by further understanding those customers so you can connect with them in more effective ways. By researching customer online behavior, content consumption, and demographic and psychographic profiles, we can help you hone your messaging and deliver it through sales and marketing channels.

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Reduce Operational Complexity

Build it, buy it, or modify it? These are questions we regularly explore on the journey to create a business ecosystem. We focus on improving process and workflow through the smart use of technology and automation. Reducing customer and supplier touchpoints creates more cost effective experiences.

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